Mattress Buying Guide

What to Avoid in a Mattress

  • A mattress too small for you:

Sleeping on a mattress which is too small has the obvious disadvantages of less room and an increased chance of disturbances between you and your partner. However it can also hold health risks – it may force you to sleep in an unnatural position that twists and strains your back.

‘Did you know that two people sharing a standard double size bed have only as much personal sleeping space as a baby in a cot?’

When on your mattress you should be able to lie side by side, with your arms behind your head and your elbows out, without touching your partners. Your mattress should also be 4-6in longer than the tallest partner.

  • A mattress that doesn’t fit your bed base:

This may seem like an obvious one – but when investing in a new mattress you don’t want to damage it by putting it on a base which is too small. Purchasing a mattress which is too big for your bed’s base may damage the edges of your mattress and will mean that you are not supported across the full surface of the mattress due to lack of support underneath.

  • A mattress too soft:

Everyone has different requirements for their bed, but what you can be certain of to avoid in a mattress is one that is too soft for you. A mattress which is too soft for you will mean your body bows into a hammock position. This causes hips and shoulders to pinch in and the spine to curve downwards, putting pressure on joints and muscles.